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Stephan Church - Logo Design, Web Design, Documentation
February 2022 - Current Day
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At the beginning of 2022, I was approached to rework the logo and website for Bethel City Church, previously known as New Bethel Church. The Church wanted to establish a new chapter in their history, moving away from their previous identity. Initially, the project started as six week project but soon expanded past its original depth to become a much larger project.
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Logo Design
My initial task was to design a new logo for Bethel City from the ground up. This logo went through an extensive iterative process, starting from a brainstorming session and advancing through multiple iterative states. Over 200 prototypes were created before a final logo was selected.
logo horizontal
logo square
The logo went through seven design iterations. Below are some of the iterations. For more information on the design process for the logos, view the BCC design document.
As is standard practice, I supplied Bethel City with different color options, sizing options, as well as the logo graphic with and without text. A black outlined logo was specifically requested by BCC.
logo black
logo white
logo outline
An animation was also created for the logo. This animation aims to create the sense of a rising flame into a roar from the lion. Gifs, movs, and mp4s were delivered to Bethel City for their use.
black lion animation
white lion animation
Web Design
I worked closely with the Bethel City Leadership Team to implement website functionality while building a language that could be used both online and offline
For this project, focus was placed on designing a malleable site template over creating a definitive design. I created a series of tools to allow users to modify the site itself without the use of a code editor or design plug-in.
The website is fully compatible with all main line browsers and mobile devices. Below images showcase how Bethel City's website runs on mobile devices.
functionality wordpress
Host Communication
The site uses appropriate wordpress and woocommerce hooks to allow for communication to the theme through the backend of wordpress. I conduct regular maintenance to ensure site maintains continuity.
functionality content
Custom Content Boxes
I created tools to allow the user to edit text or images on the site without having to work around a plugin or code. I created video guides and documentation embed on the backend of the site to help user experience.
functionality navigation
Sermon Navigation
Users can navigate sermon series and find series based on particular subjects through the archives. I regularly update the list during maintenance.
functionality api
Faithlife Api
I am currently working on further integration of the Faithlife Api onto the website. This will allow specific page/section access based on faithlife group.
In addition to the above mentioned articles, I was hired to create several documents for the church.
As of this current entry, I am creating additional functionality to the website and implementing connection with Faithlife Api to create a seemless interface between faithlife and the current website.