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Logo Design
Website Design
Stephan Church - Logo Design, Web Design
August 2021
Photoshop | Illustrator | Wordpress
I was hired August 2021 to rebrand the company to extend its market to Siding and Gutters. This included work for the logo, marketing and web design. I was not allowed to touch the front page and the client did not request work on the Interior, Extrerior or Repair Pages which prior to the redesign were not part of a sub category. The site was built on Wordpress with the previously purchased Avada Builder.
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Logo Design
My initial work for Triangle Painting included rearranging the brand logo from "Triangle Painting" to "Triangle Painting & Siding." This included creating graphics that would be used for business cards and vehicle signage.
As is standard practice, I supplied Triangle Painting & Siding with different color options, sizing options, as well as the logo graphic with and without text.
logo color
logo white
logo black
Website Design
I redesigned a good portion of the website, changing the site from solely focusing on painting to being extended to siding and gutters. I did not touch the landing page or the painting subpages, but every other page has been either added or adjusted to include a variety of information and marketing. It should be noted that some pages have been altered since I last modified the website.
Redesign Work
Some pages such as 'siding' and 'gutters' were added, for other pages I have a side by side comparison to show the changes. Drag the bar to the right to see the difference.
As for the site redesign, I created a series of icons for Triangle Painting. They are single tone icons created to create a break from the visual language and inform concepts that are otherwise difficult to illustrate using visuals. The designs themselves are relatively generic, as an effort to prevent them from distracting the viewer.
iconography love
iconography excellence
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I had additional plans for the website but these concepts ended being put on heitus due to changes in the market landscape. We still maintain a strong working relationship and the client has shown interest in requesting future work when the time is right.
This project is mostly a redesign; to keep it cohesive, I mirrored the general design language of the prior contractor so it is hard to say where the prior technician's work ended and mine begins. Though I think that works for the site as a whole.
Additional Notes
Since my work has been finalized with Triangle Painting, I have noticed changes made to site that don't match my level of quality. I have maintained a recording of my work on the site and may eventually remove the active link in the far future if the site changes become too drastic.